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How to Join

Updated: Feb 5, 2020


The Children's Alliance is open to any agency, organization or individual in Mecklenburg County that works with children and families. If you are interested in joining our collaborative, below are the following ground rules:

· Attendance by top executive of the participating organization or an appointed designee who has the authority to make commitments of decisions on behalf of the organization during the meeting.

· Attend 75% of our meetings. We currently meet the first Wednesday of every month.

· Pay your annual dues. (Assessed based on agencies budget, not to exceed $800 annually)

· Willingness to participate in honest dialogue with professional colleagues and work collaboratively to support the group's decisions.

· Willingness to participate on a working committee in between meetings

· Willingness to accept some leadership role during the life of the collaborative.

Any organization or individual concerned about children may request membership, and/or be nominated by a current member.

Retaining membership is contingent on each participant’s willingness to follow the ground rules, which include regular attendance (75% or more of all meetings) and staying current on dues.

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